Junk-free Snacktime

Better-for-your kiddo snacks, free of junk + made with simple non-GMO ingredients. Rip, dip, crunch and bite into easier snacktime.

  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Hidden veggies + superfoods
  • Low + no added sugar recipes
  • Zero artificial flavors

Starting at $1.99 / Multi-Serve Snack

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Oat Bakes | Soft baked oat bars

Made with superfoods, our soft baked bars have 3g of protein and are oatally awesome. 5/pack starting at $4.99.

Veggie Loops | Crunchy baked snack

Chickpea-based crunchy loops made with hidden veggies and baked with avocado oil. 4 servings/bag starting at $2.99.

Fruit Rippers | Peelable fruit snack

Let 'er rip! Peel-and-eat real fruit snacks made with only 5 ingredients. 5/pack starting at $1.99.

Dipsters | A yummy dippable treat

Oat-based dip packs made with hidden veggies and paired with clean cookies + pretzels. 3/pack starting at $6.99.

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Smoothies | Organic Pouches

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Your questions, answered.

Here to make keeping your kid healthy easy.

Enjoy the goodness of the past, with a healthy eye toward the future—we've reinvented your nostalgic favorites with junk-free, balanced and nutritious recipes. Our snacks have a short list of high-quality, mindfully sourced ingredients. We're meeting the standards of today's parent, and that's why our snacks are free from artificial flavoring, synthetic colors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and other unwanted junk.
Snacks are pantry-friendly and can be stored in your cupbord, pantry, or any cool dry place. They do not require refrigeration so they're perfect for when you're on the go and hunger strikes.
Veggie Loops are a chickpea-based snack and each crunchy bite has protein, hidden veggies, and healthy fats + antioxidants from avocado oil.
Dipsters are a nutritionally superior, oat-based sweet treat with hidden veggies. It's your favorite nostalgic snack with a healthy twist. Portable, playful, and interactive, each pack boasts 2g of plant-based protein and they're lightly sweetened with maple syrup. They come in two flavors: Brownie Batter and Confettit Cake.
Our soft-baked oat bars are made with wholesome oats, and real fruits + veggies in every delicious bite. No need to worry about a chaotic crumb explosion with these!