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Fresh, Organic Smoothies

On-the-go 100% organic smoothies with hidden veggies + superfoods. Free of preservatives, additives, artificial sugars & junk.

  • On-the-go healthy snacktime with hidden veggies + superfoods.
  • Fruit and veggie blends + yogurt recipes for snacktime variety.
  • Certified organic. Nothing artificial. No added sugar.

Starting at $2.82 per Smoothie

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See What Our Customers Say:

Snacktime just got 10x smoother.

Find yourself constantly on the hunt for new snack ideas? Meet our Smoothies, a healthy snack both you and your kiddo can agree on.

  • 100% organic and cold-pressed.
  • Hidden veggies & superfoods in every bite.
  • Healthy snacks in pouches for babies, toddlers & big kids, delivered.
Baby sitting with crayons and a notebook while drinking a Little Spoon Smoothie pouch
Baby sitting with crayons and a notebook while drinking a Little Spoon Smoothie pouch

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Your questions, answered.

Here to make keeping your kid healthy easy.

Unlike pouch options commonly found at the grocery store, our Smoothies are fresh, cold-pressed and feature 100% organic ingredients, with zero artificial sugars, preservatives or additives. Our flavors are made to excite your kiddo, while ensuring nutrient-dense ingredients like sunflower butter, chia, flaxseed and more. We also feature unique ingredients like acai and purple carrot to expose your kiddo to all sorts of fruits & veggies. If you are feeding your baby, our pouches offer a range of ingredients to expand your little’s palate and are the highest quality— 100% organic, OU Kosher-certified and 100% non-GMO.
As parents, we’re always looking for healthy snacks for kids and scouring parenting groups for new snack ideas for our toddlers and kids— our line of Smoothies are a great go-to for new, exciting flavors for your baby, toddler and big kid.
Yes, our Smoothies are designed for babies, toddlers and big kids. For babies, our Smoothies can be used as an easy on-the-go meal when a Babyblend is less convenient. Our Smoothies are 100% organic, OU Kosher certified and feature a range of fruits, veggies and superfoods that your little will love.
Motor skill development is a critical part of the starting solid stage for babies and spoon-feeding is a great way to get your baby comfortable with feeding (and understanding when they are full). Pouches offer a convenient form factor for on-the-go meal time and you can always carry a spoon to easily squeeze the puree onto a spoon. Pouches are a great snack idea for toddlers and kids! We also have our Babyblends, which are in a cup to help babies develop motor skills and learn what ‘fullness’ feels like.
Smoothies can be stored in your refrigerator for 14 days and in your freezer for up to 2 months. When you're on the go, smoothies are safe to be unrefrigerated for up to 4 hours.
Smoothies can be left out of the fridge for up to 4 hours. If you are out and about for a longer stretch of time, we recommend bringing along an ice pack to keep your Smoothie cool or pre-freezing to naturally thaw throughout the day.
Yes! You can choose to order multiple products from Little Spoon or only order Little Spoon Smoothies. You can change your delivery and modify what plans you have with Little Spoon at any time.
Per 113g serving size, Little Spoon Yogurt Smoothies have 0g Added Sugars compared to 11g Added Sugars with other leading brands. Our focus? Healthy and nutritious snacktime made delicious (and easy) with clean, junk-free ingredients.

Little Spoon smoothie pouches are the perfect baby and toddler snack. Our organic smoothies are packed with vitamins and nutrients for your kiddos and have no added sugar. Plus, our yogurt smoothies have more protein vs Stonyfield smoothie pouches. These protein smoothies for kids come in 3 unique flavors: Triple Berry Parfait, Peaches + Cream, and Banana Split. All 3 of these smoothie pouches are low sugar and are made with low fat greek yogurt, giving your kids the protein they need to feel full and energized for the day. Feeling like your baby or toddler needs some extra greens? Green Dream is a great green smoothie for kids, packed with kale, peas, apple and more. We also have some delicious fruit smoothie pouches for kids and babies like our strawberry banana smoothie pouch or our Purple Carrot Acai Bowl kids smoothie. Get your baby smoothie pouches from Little Spoon made fresh, organic, and ready to go!