Vitamins & Natural Remedies

Help tackle common health needs, from constipation to runny noses.

  • Help tackle common health needs, from constipation to runny noses.
  • Clean, all-natural formulas designed with experts. One stick = one serving.
  • Carefully sourced vitamins + minerals, non-GMO whole ingredients.

Just $5.99 per pack (5 sticks per pack)

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    All-natural remedies and vitamins for your baby. Ingredients you can feel good about.

    Built with experts in food science + pediatric nutrition to ensure the highest quality, safety and efficacy.

    • No added sugar, corn syrup, gelatin or fillers.
    • Easy to use single servings.
    • Stir into your baby’s food or a liquid of your choice.
    • Clean, whole ingredients, plus vitamins + minerals.
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    Your questions, answered.

    Wiz Kid functions as a daily iron supplement—we recommend a minimum 30 day supply! Our Sniffle Shield formula is an immunity defender that can be taken daily or at the start of any signs of sniffles. Poopie Power helps regulate your babe’s bowels when they’re facing stubborn constipation.
    Our Omega-3 is sourced from microalgae, making it completely vegetarian and sustainably sourced. For more ingredient information, click on any product to review all the unique ingredients in each formula.
    Great question! We recommend integrating Wiz Kid, Poopie Power and Sniffle Shield into your baby’s diet after they’ve started solids (these vitamins and remedies include organic fruits & veggies as key powerhouse ingredients).
    We think our vitamins & remedies mix best with food (especially our blends!), but you can feel free to pour them into whatever foods or liquids you and your mini prefer! If you do decide to add us into liquids, just be sure to give it a good shake!
    Our products contain no preservatives. We leave out the stuff our kids don’t need, like artificial sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, syrups and preservatives.
    Probiotics are safe for babies and can be incredibly beneficial! We specifically source Lactobacillus rhamnosus for Poopie Power because it has been clinically tested on babies and children and is known to be effective in helping to boost the immune system and strengthen the gut. We sat down with a scientist & child nutrition specialist to talk in depth on the infant microbiome (and if you’re wondering what even is a microbiome, don’t worry, she shares all!). If you’re interested in the read, check it out here

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