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Early Finger Foods

Ready for the next eating stage? Trying baby-led weaning? Meet Biteables™, your new go-to for bite-sized, clean + nutritious meals made for little fingers.

  • Veggie-packed, clean + balanced recipes
  • Cut to size to support your baby’s motor + oral skills
  • Unique ingredients to help prevent picky eating
  • Stress-free transitioning to table foods

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The Benefits of Biteables

Take the guesswork out of which ingredients to introduce, sizes to chop and textures to offer as you enter the next eating stage.

Biteables are designed to help your mini develop fine motor + oral skills, build independence through self-feeding and prevent picky eating. Talk about a Little Spoon win-win.

  • Check iconCheck iconBuilds independence
  • Check iconCheck iconDevelops fine motor skills
  • Check iconCheck iconStrengthens oral development
An 18 month old girl sits in a high chair with a tray of Little Spoon Biteables, which contain small-diced pieces of vital vegetables and proteins for young eaters.
An 18 month old girl sits in a high chair with a tray of Little Spoon Biteables, which contain small-diced pieces of vital vegetables and proteins for young eaters.
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Your questions, answered.

Here to make keeping your kid healthy easy.

Yes, Biteables are safe for babies under 1 who are ready to transition from purees and have been designed for little ones showing readiness for this next step. Keep an eye out for your baby showing signs that they are able to chew and move food around in their mouth, interest in table foods, and demonstrate the ability to pick up and hold small pieces of food and be able to bring them to their mouth successfully. Your baby may also start to show interest in the food that you and other family members are eating, and may want to grab for it or try to imitate you. Many babies even start rejecting purees to tell you they're ready to graduate!
It's important to remember that every baby is unique and will progress at their own pace, so if your baby is not quite ready to move on from purees, that's okay. Just continue to offer a variety of textures and they will eventually progress to more solid foods when they're ready.
Wondering how to transition from purees to table food and when you can start? Signs of this stage include reaching with accuracy for objects, sitting independently without leaning or slumping, the ability to use fingers in a raking motion (fingers closing and opening repetitively) and more. We always recommend checking with your pediatrician before transitioning and closely monitoring feedings for safety.
Yes, Biteables are a great fit for both puree-fed and baby-led weaning babies! Baby-led weaning begins with larger pieces and reduces to smaller sizes as your baby ages. Biteables are cut to size to be pinchable and easily mashed—made for your baby’s developmental needs at this stage.
Baby-led weaning is an approach to introducing solids to babies that bypasses the puree stage. Babies are offered developmentally appropriate finger foods from the very beginning and are not spoon-fed. By the time the baby reaches 8+ months, they typically share the same stage as puree-fed babies: early finger foods.
Starting solids with purees is a longstanding approach to introducing your little one to foods. Babies are offered thin purees like our Stage 1 Babyblends between 4-6 months and from there, purees become thicker and chunkier to maximize your baby’s exposure to a range of ingredients, flavors and textures. At the 8+ stage, finger foods, or Biteables, become a great option. If you’re just starting out, our line of Babyblends is an award-winning high quality option for organic puree-led starting solids.
Biteables are cut to size for introducing solid foods to your baby, no larger than ½ inch in length. We cook our Biteables for optimal softness to create pinchable, mashable bites for your little one’s little fingers. Each child’s development differs and we always recommend closely monitoring your little one’s feedings. Parents can also take extra precautions by mashing or flattening ingredients with the back of a fork or spoon.
Self-feeding is an important way for your baby to develop fine motor skills like pincer grasp development (picking up with fingers/utensils across a range of sizes and shapes) as well as gain general independence and self-sufficiency. Oral development includes jaw strengthening, swallowing + biting, and chewing skills that are highly associated with speech development and clarity. Our wide range of ingredients + textures also help expand your baby’s palate, helping prevent a future picky eater.
As your child becomes increasingly comfortable with table foods, we recommend incorporating our Plates line into your baby’s mealtime. Plates offer a range of options ages 1 through 6—from familiar favorites like Mac + Cheese to more adventurous eats like Cheesy Black Bean Pupusas and Chicken Pot Stickers.