Quinoa Raspberry Pear Coconut Milk Vanilla Date Wheat Germ Oil

  • Immunity
  • Brain
  • very textured Blend
  • Dates are full of fiber that help benefit the digestive system

  • Wheat Germ Oil is abundant in Vitamin B6 which supports healthy brain function

  • Vanilla Beans have antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals and stimulate the immune system

  • Coconut milk contains healthy fats essential for brain development.

  • High in fiber and Vitamin C, pears are gentle on the stomach and help alleviate constipation

  • Raspberries are vibrant in color and rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber

  • Quinoa is easily digestible, packed with protein and essential amino acids

  • Nutrition Highlights

    % Daily Value
    Vitamin E70%
    Vitamin B630%
  • Full Nutrition Table

    Nutrition table
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