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80+ organic ingredients

  • Chia Seed

    Tiny seeds rich in Omega 3’s and fiber

  • Avocado

    Nutrient dense and full of healthy fats

  • Pitaya

    Full of Vitamin C and B Vitamins

  • Blueberry

    Provide an immunity-boosting antioxidant defense

  • Carrot

    Root vegetable rich in Beta-Carotene

  • Chickpea

    Little legumes containing fiber and protein

  • Coconut

    Packed with healthy fats and fiber

  • Kale

    A super green rich with calcium

  • Spirulina

    Plant-based protein abundant in iron


With a wide variety of ingredients in our blends, you can rest assured knowing your baby is getting exposed to diverse tastes while getting the proper nutrition to support healthy development

  • Healthy fat from avocado and highly potent antioxidants from Spirulina nourish the developing brain

  • Spinach in combination with Vitamin C from Pitaya and Pineapple helps iron absorption in the intestines.

  • Vitamin C and antioxidants in blueberries work together with protein in chickpeas to boost collagen for healthy bones.

  • Omega 3’s from chia help Vitamin A absorption while Vitamin C helps boost the immune system.

  • Healthy fat in coconut oil increases the absorption of lutein from peas and carrots which is important for eye health.


Our Babyblends

  • Easy to take on-the-go

  • 100% curbside recyclable

  • BPA free container

  • Ready to eat 4oz blends

  • Cold-pressed and from the fridge, not the shelf

  • Spoon to help motor skill development

Personalized plans for baby’s first 1,000 days

The nutrition that your baby receives during their first 1,000 days will have a profound impact on their lifetime health and wellbeing. Proper nutrition has a real influence on how your little ones overall health, growth, and cognitive abilities develop. It’s important to set a solid foundation.

Spooner Spotlight

Little Spooners have spoken!

Babies (and parents) everywhereic_footer_heartLittle Spoon.

  • Lily
  • Paloma
  • Olivia
  • Castin
  • Dallas
  • Lily

    “We are so grateful that Little Spoon came into our lives! My husband plays in the NFL and is gone all day at work. I thought as a stay at home mom I would have plenty of time to do all of the usual mom things, but cooking baby food regularly was so hard to fit in. I would find myself constantly giving Lily those shelf stable packets with high fruit and sugar counts and boring flavors. Little Spoon is amazing because not only is it easy, but it is fresh food with unique foods that will build Lily’s palette. She’s loving the food and it’s refreshing to know I can give her the best nutrition without spending hours doing it!”

    Atlanta, Georgia3 meals/day
    • Quinoa Butternut Squash Kale Apple
    • Butternut Squash Strawberry Coconut Chia Date Lucuma
    • Red Lentil Chickpea Apple Curry Coconut Milk
  • Paloma

    “Paloma gets so happy when she is eating her Little Spoon! This is amazing for us. She has suffered terribly with acid reflux and it was impossible to get her to eat for the first six months of her life, lots of doctors were involved. She stills sees a specialist, is on medication and some feeding issues remain. To see her excited and gobbling up her food makes us happier than I can properly convey with a few words. Also, yes her hair is always that crazy!"

    Staten Island, NY1 meal/day
    • Carrot Apple Ginger
    • Avocado Green Apple Broccoli Spirulina
    • Beet Banana Mango
  • Olivia

    “Prior to Little Spoon, I made all of Olivia's baby food. I wanted to be sure she was getting the best of the best. After being introduced to Little Spoon, I am no longer spending so much time each Sunday making food for the week. Little Spoon comes up with creations that I would have never thought of she has been able to enjoy such a wide variety of foods! Olivia loves Little Spoon, and I love it too! The second she sees her Little Spoon food container she is banging on her tray out of excitement. It almost takes two of us to feed her because she wants to eat it so quickly!”

    Tampa, Florida2 meals/day
    • Chia Mango Coconut Milk
    • Pitaya Pineapple Spinach Banana Coconut Oil
    • Broccoli Pineapple Banana Hemp
  • Castin

    “Castin was about 6 months when we started Little Spoon. I am in awe of the ingredients in each meal. Everything he’s eating is healthy and they provide me with great options for breakfast, lunch & dinner. What I love most about Little Spoon is that you are customizing your child’s diet as they grow and they do the work for you through their website. We travel A LOT so when we can bring all of his meals in one little cooler for the week it is so convenient! All in all, I have never been happier about his food and, yes, I tried everything he ate and was obsessed.”

    Castle Rock, Colorado1 meal/day
    • Kale Carrot Pear
    • Pea Pear Mint
    • Sweet Potato Apple Blueberry Flax
  • Dallas

    “Little Spoon is one of the first foods Dallas ate and she absolutely loved all of the flavors! After reading that most baby food has been on shelves had been there as long as Dallas has been alive, I decided I needed to be more conscious about what I feed her. Little Spoon’s food is fresh and packed with the nutrients that Dallas needs in order to grow strong and healthy. I love the yummy flavors, too. Her favorite so far are the beets, apple and rice! I stand behind Little Spoon and Dallas definitely approves! We look forward to new meals to try with each shipment!”

    Meridian, Mississippi3 meals/day
    • Kale White Bean Pear Basil Quinoa Avocado Oil
    • Sweet Potato Apple Red Bell Pepper Turmeric
    • Beet Tahini Chickpea Apple Brown Rice Cardamom

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