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    Fresh blends for your baby’s first bites to toddler years. 100+ organic ingredients to support healthy development.

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    From iron deficiency to building a healthy immune system & gut, we've got your baby's daily health needs covered.

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    Clinically researched all-natural solutions to boost immunity health and help your baby feel better, faster.

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Why Go Fresh

Your baby’s food shouldn’t be older than your baby.®

We’re not messing around.

  • No preservatives.
  • No extreme heat processing.
  • No GMOs.
  • No additives.
  • No added sugar.
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100+ Ingredients

You are what you eat. 65% of the nutrients your baby consumes in the first 2 years fuels their growth. With 100+ organic ingredients, we help easily expose your baby to calcium, beta-carotene, vitamin D, vitamin C, protein, fiber and iron — key nutrients they need at each stage.

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Don’t Take It From Us.

  • We are so grateful that Little Spoon came into our lives! My husband plays in the NFL and is gone all day at work. I thought as a stay at home mom I would have plenty of time to do all of the usual mom things, but cooking baby food regularly was so hard to fit in. I would find myself constantly giving Lily those shelf stable packets with high fruit and sugar counts and boring flavors. Little Spoon is amazing because not only is it easy, but it is fresh food with unique foods that will build Lily’s palette. She’s loving the food and it’s refreshing to know I can give her the best nutrition without spending hours doing it!”


    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Paloma gets so happy when she is eating her Little Spoon! This is amazing for us. She has suffered terribly with acid reflux and it was impossible to get her to eat for the first six months of her life, lots of doctors were involved. She stills sees a specialist, is on medication and some feeding issues remain. To see her excited and gobbling up her food makes us happier than I can properly convey with a few words. Also, yes her hair is always that crazy!"


    Staten Island, NY
  • Prior to Little Spoon, I made all of Olivia's baby food. I wanted to be sure she was getting the best of the best. After being introduced to Little Spoon, I am no longer spending so much time each Sunday making food for the week. Little Spoon comes up with creations that I would have never thought of she has been able to enjoy such a wide variety of foods! Olivia loves Little Spoon, and I love it too! The second she sees her Little Spoon food container she is banging on her tray out of excitement. It almost takes two of us to feed her because she wants to eat it so quickly!”


    Tampa, Florida
  • Castin was about 6 months when we started Little Spoon. I am in awe of the ingredients in each meal. Everything he’s eating is healthy and they provide me with great options for breakfast, lunch & dinner. What I love most about Little Spoon is that you are customizing your child’s diet as they grow and they do the work for you through their website. We travel A LOT so when we can bring all of his meals in one little cooler for the week it is so convenient! All in all, I have never been happier about his food and, yes, I tried everything he ate and was obsessed.”


    Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Little Spoon is one of the first foods Dallas ate and she absolutely loved all of the flavors! After reading that most baby food has been on shelves had been there as long as Dallas has been alive, I decided I needed to be more conscious about what I feed her. Little Spoon’s food is fresh and packed with the nutrients that Dallas needs in order to grow strong and healthy. I love the yummy flavors, too. Her favorite so far are the beets, apple and rice! I stand behind Little Spoon and Dallas definitely approves! We look forward to new meals to try with each shipment!”


    Meridian, Mississippi
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Your questions, answered.

  • How is Little Spoon different from baby food sold in grocery stores?

    Baby food on grocery shelves is heavily processed with extreme heat so it can last for years on a shelf, and often has preservatives. Not cool, and not the quality nutrition we want for our kids. We use cold-pressure, not heat pasteurization, to ensure our Babyblends are safe and stay fresh in your fridge for 14 days. This process helps to maintain the fresh properties of the food such as vitamins, nutrients, taste, color and texture. Babyblends are USDA Certified Organic and are Non-GMO Project Verified. You’ll never find preservatives, added sugar or fillers in our blends.
    Early exposure to fresh, nutritious food can set your kid up for a lifetime of health and help minimize susceptibility to obesity and other diseases. Bonus points? It can mean the difference of a picky eater in years to come. We started Little Spoon so parents everywhere can easily and simply get fresh, high quality, healthy organic meals for their children. No corners cut.

  • How do you ensure the safety and quality of the food?

    Your baby’s health is our #1 priority. All of our ingredients come from trusted partner farms who are USDA Certified Organic and adhere to the highest standards of food safety. We use cold-pressure to ensure our Babyblends are safe and stay fresh in your fridge for 14 days. The cold-pressure process helps to maintain the fresh properties of the food such as vitamins, nutrients, taste, color and texture, while ensuring that any harmful bacteria is killed off. We perform third-party lab tests after each batch of Babyblends is produced in our kitchen to be extra sure that our food is safe and of the highest quality for your baby. Babyblends are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  • Can I try just once?

    Yes! We aim to make it easy (like Sunday mornings pre-kids). You can skip any delivery, or pause or cancel your plan at any time.

  • Can I choose my meals?

    You bet! You will always have full control to modify your order on your Delivery Schedule at any time.

  • How long can I keep my Babyblends?

    Our meals stay fresh in your fridge for 14 days and freeze for up to 3 months. We use Cold Pressure Technology (the same technology used by some of our favorite juice companies!) to keep our Babyblends fresh and safe without the use of preservatives or extreme heat. This amazing technology allows us to keep your food fresh, safe and nutrient-dense. And don’t worry - if your baby doesn’t finish an entire container, you can put the lid back on and pop it back into the fridge for later (once opened, we recommend consuming within 48 hours.)

  • What if my baby doesn't like the food?

    We know how frustrating it can be to see your baby refusing food. But be patient before you give up on the food - the average baby needs to taste a food up to 15 times before recognizing it and developing a taste for it. It’s all part of palate training and perfectly normal. Pro tip? Try mixing a new flavor in with a familiar one to help ease your baby into trying new things! You can read more tips here

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes! Our packaging is 100% curbside recyclable. We also use recycled denim as insulation to help keep your box cold. Our Babyblend container, spoon and lid are all made out of #5 PP plastic. All packaging is completely BPA-free, Phthalate-free and free of harmful toxins.

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