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Healthy, nutritious food for every eating stage. Nothing artificial, ever.

  • Baby sits with a Little Spoon babyblend mixture of purple sweet potato, blueberry and zucchini with a teal spoon sticking out of the puree.

    Baby Food

    Organic, non-GMO baby food for every stage. Made fresh and cold-pressed with 100+ ingredients. Starting at $2.96 per blend.

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  • Baby fingers hovering over a tray of diced food suitable for early eaters and proper oral development.

    Early Finger Foods

    Clean, balanced finger food meals made for early bites and intro to table foods. Bite-sized + veggie-packed. Starting at $5.83 per meal.

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  • A toddler's hand sits next to a teal-colored plate of chicken nuggets, broccoli and sweet potato bites.

    Toddler + Kids Meals

    Healthy, clean finger foods + meals made with hidden veggies. Loved by picky eaters, ready in seconds. Starting at $5.83 per plate.

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  • A young boy slurps on a Little Spoon Sun Butter and Jelly Smoothie with the help of a parent.


    Organic, cold-pressed smoothies made with ingredients you love and none of the junk. Starting at $2.82 per smoothie.

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Baby is looking at mom after eating Babyblends

Healthy eating for your kiddo made easy.

  1. Pick your plan.

    From baby food to big kid meals, we’ve got even the pickiest of eaters covered.

  2. Sign up and select your products.

    After sign up, choose from our menu of options. Add additional products, select meals and make changes with ease.

  3. You’re all set.

    We’ll prep your Little Spoon order and deliver it straight to your door. Pause, skip, cancel or adjust at any time.

No compromises,
no corners cut.

  • Meals made fresh weekly.

  • Delicious and healthy.

  • High quality, non-GMO ingredients.

  • Junk free. Nothing artificial.

  • 100+ ingredients. Endless variety.

A Lifetime of Healthy Habits.

From your baby’s very first bites through to their big kid years, we make healthy, delicious meal + snack time easy.

  • Your baby’s food shouldn’t be older than your baby.™

  • USDA organic, non-GMO baby food in six stages.

  • Tested for 400+ contaminants, including heavy metals.

  • 100+ ingredients for palate exposure.

  • Veggie-packed, clean + nutritious meals.

  • Cut to size to support your baby’s motor + oral skills.

  • A wide variety of ingredients to help prevent picky eating.

  • Balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Hidden veggies in every bite.

  • Snacktime made easy with organic veggie + fruit-packed Smoothies.

Smooth, creamy and colorful Little Spoon baby blends sit atop a white marble table top.

Don’t Take It From Us

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We've teamed up with Dr. Becky to make mealtime even easier.

Dubbed the "Millennial Parenting Whisperer" by TIME magazine, Dr. Becky is a clinical psychologist, bestselling author + go-to for the best parenting advice. Now, Little Spooners get exclusive mealtime tips + tricks in their first order. Meals, snacks + tools to make life easier.

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Baby is looking at mom after eating Babyblends

Built to help parents connect with each other and ask our experts the q’s everyone wants the answers to when it comes to this parenting life.

Baby is looking at mom after eating Babyblends

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Your questions, answered.

Here to make keeping your kid healthy easy.

We started Little Spoon because we believe parents deserve better. Simple, easy, clean and high quality meals for their children at every age—no corners cut.
Our approach? Thoughtful and intentional choices, clean ingredients, junk-free recipes and a focus on a building a lifetime of healthy habits. We start with our USDA organic baby food featuring 100+ ingredients before graduating your mini into our early finger foods, Biteables, and eventually into our toddler + kids meals, Plates. Our Smoothies line can be enjoyed by all ages as healthy, on-the-go snacks.
Both our Babyblends and Smoothies lines are USDA organic, cold-pressed for safety (while many grocery store brands blast their food with heavy heat which can reduce the quality of the food + nutrition) and we’ve also partnered with the Clean Label Project to test our finished purees for 400+ contaminants, including heavy metals.
Our early finger food line, Biteables, as well as our toddler + kids meals, Plates, are prepared fresh and with a focus on age-appropriate balanced nutrition. These heat and serve meals are packed with veggies, whole grains, and superfoods and never any additives or fillers unlike other kids meals found in grocery stores.
Finally, we focus on variety to help build healthy habits from day one. We offer vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options, plus a variety of cuisines and flavors for all ages. Little Spoon is the perfect meal delivery plan for picky eaters and we are always adding new meals to our menu so your kiddo can continue to expand their growing palate.
We don’t currently offer a trial given the fresh nature of our products, but we offer small and extra small plan sizes that enable flexibility to try us out!
We know how important flexibility is for families today which is why we make it super easy to control your orders in your account. We'll always give you a heads up before you're charged and if you need to skip an order, shift your week up or down, change your quantity, or stop your orders you're free to do so at anytime at no cost. We like to make things easy!
Plates are made for finger food eaters through to big kid bites. From early toddlerhood up through age 7, Plates offer an easy go-to for healthy, nutritious tasty and clean meals for your kiddo in under 90 seconds. Breakfast, lunch or dinner loved by every type of eater (yes, even picky eaters love Plates!) with hidden veggies, clean ingredients in every bite, and no artificial junk. Little Spoon offers the best meal delivery service for parents with over 25 different meals to choose from.
Wondering how to transition from purees to table food and when you can start? Signs of this stage include reaching with accuracy for objects, sitting independently without leaning or slumping, the ability to use fingers in a raking motion (fingers closing and opening repetitively) and more. We always recommend checking with your pediatrician before transitioning and closely monitoring feedings for safety.
Our purees are made with pediatricians and nutritionists to ensure that we take into account your baby’s personal development at each stage. For very first bites, we have a range of single-ingredient and simple purees made for starting solids. As your child ages, we offer advanced blends that include more ingredients, and textures. As your child advances towards table foods, we offer a line of Stage 6 blends called Transition Meals, made with whole ingredients and much thicker textures.
When your babe is ready to transition to table foods, Biteables are the next stage. Built for self-feeding, Biteables are cut to size meals made to make transitioning to table foods or the next stage of baby-led weaning easy.
We also have a line of Smoothies, the best pouches for babies and toddlers as an on-the-go meal. Like our blends, they’re 100% organic, non-GMO and feature a wide range of ingredients.
Your child’s health is our #1 priority and we believe in transparency about our ingredients, nutritional information and recipes. We know how upsetting the recent congressional report on heavy metals in grocery store baby food was for parents. At Little Spoon, we have always done things differently. All of our Babyblends are 100% plant-based, organic and non-GMO. We focus on a wide variety to diversify your little one’s diet. We never use rice (high in organic and inorganic arsenic), fortifiers or anything artificial in our blends. We've partnered with the Clean Label Project an independent, third-party expert organization that rigorously tests for over 400 different contaminants including heavy metals and other toxins. We use cold-pressure technology as an alternative to heat pasteurization, killing harmful bacteria without the use of high-heat so the vitamins and minerals remain. This also allows our Babyblends and Smoothies to stay fresh in the fridge for up to 14 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Occasionally, we use a touch of organic lemon for added freshness the way you might squeeze a few drops of lemon on an apple to prevent browning. Like all of our products, our Plates are made with the highest quality ingredients by working with trusted farmers and suppliers to offer your child the very best. We don't use any artificial sugars, preservatives, additives or dyes. We also use our very own Freshlock Seal™ that allows us to keep our meals fresh without any preservatives. It’s microwave safe, BPA/BPS-free and locks in freshness so your Plates last 14 days in the fridge or up to 3 months in the freezer.
We work hard to provide a range of allergy-friendly options for your kiddo. Always feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or to send us a question in the chat feature with any questions on allergen concerns.
Typically, babies are ready to start solids between 4-6 months. We always recommend talking to your pediatrician to discuss your baby’s needs when it comes to starting solids. There are a few telltale signs that your baby may be ready:
  • Sitting up with little to no support
  • Strong head control
  • Has outgrown their tongue thrust reflex
  • Is starting to show interest in food and what those around are eating
Your delivery will ship the week after your order is placed as long as it is locked in by Saturday at 5PM ET, otherwise it will ship the following week. All future orders will ship every two weeks unless you make changes to the delivery schedule from within your Delivery Schedule in your Little Spoon account. All changes must be completed by 5PM ET the Saturday before your delivery week.
All your Little Spoon products can be stored in the fridge for up to 14 days, or in your freezer for up to 3 months.
Our Plates are designed to be heated in the microwave or oven, you can check out all the heating details by clicking on any Plate on our menu page to check out recommendations. Our Biteables and Plates are designed to be heated in the microwave or oven, you can check out all the heating details on the Biteables page and Plates page.
Our Blends can be eaten at a range of temperatures, whatever works best for your baby! To warm up your blend, we recommend putting the container in a microwaveable safe, shallow bowl of warm water and stirring until heated. If you wish to microwave, simply pour the puree into a microwave safe dish.
Our Smoothies are designed to be enjoyed cold. Feel free to take your Smoothie on the go with you for up to 4 hours without refrigeration. If you’re traveling for longer, we’d recommend bringing an ice pack or freezing your Smoothie to naturally thaw throughout the day.
Once you sign up for Little Spoon you can modify your menu, skip orders, shift the delivery week, and pause or cancel with ease. After your first order you can update the quanitity in your box with complete flexibility. The cutoff to make changes to your plan is Saturday 5PM ET. One thing to note, first orders cannot be cancelled, but can be easily shifted up to 4 weeks for flexibility. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or use the chat feature.
We’ve designed our meals for all types of eaters. If your kiddo isn’t enjoying their new foods at first, don’t give up! Try adding a side of something new, pairing with one of our sauces, and rotating in a new Biteable or Plate — food exposure takes time, you’ve got this! Feel good about every meal—we’ve packed veggies and superfoods into every Little Spoon meal to ensure a nutrient-dense meal, every time.
When it comes to our Babyblends, whether your little one is trying a new ingredient for the first time or tenth, don’t give up! Try swapping to a new ingredient and returning at a later date. Your little one is developing and their taste will change! It can take up to 15 tries on one ingredient for your little to fall in love. Read up on our top Starting Solids tips on Is This Normal.
We offer seasonal limited edition Babyblends and add a new Biteable, Plate or Smoothie to the menu monthly. We know the power of a nutritious, varied diet and love offering you and your kiddo more and more options as they continue to age with Little Spoon.
Little Spoon delivers anywhere in the continental US. At this time, we're not able to ship to Alaska or Hawaii, and we aren't able to ship outside of the US (Canada and Mexico included). We do not ship to PO Boxes.
You can also have your orders delivered to your work, a family's home or other address, or a hotel if you're traveling!

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