Little Spoon Team

Parenthood is filled with questions. Is my baby gaining enough weight? Is it normal that my baby likes avocado one day, and hates it the next? What exactly should I feed my baby and when?

We know these questions well. Even when Michelle was raising her third baby, she was still left worried and confused when it came to his nutritional needs. No wonder we are all nervous!

When it comes to your baby's health, what's put in their body during the first years of their life is critical to their development.

We couldn't believe that when it comes to feeding your baby, you can either spend the time making (and cleaning up!) food yourself, or buy highly-processed jars and pouches from the store. There are million resources and countless products in the store, but like most parents, Michelle had a hard-enough time finding room in her schedule to shower let alone researching the best foods to feed her boys at every meal.

We thought that was unfair. Quality nutrition should be accessible to everyone. That's why we created Little Spoon, a comprehensive nutrition solution to give you the peace of mind you're feeding not just the best food, but the right food and (hopefully) make your life just a bit easier.

Happy Spooning


Lisa, Angela, Michelle, Ben

Our Nutrition Council

  • Dr. Dina DiMaggio

    MD, FAAP

    Pediatrician, NYU Langone Medical

    Center and Pediatric Associates of NYC,

    Co-Author, The Pediatrician's Guide

    to Feeding Babies and Toddler

  • Stephanie Middleberg

    MS, RD, CDN

    Founder, Middleberg Nutrition

    Author, The Big Book of

    Organic Baby Food

  • Dr. Anthony Porto


    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics,

    Yale University School of Medicine,

    Co-Author, The Pediatrician's Guide to

    Feeding Babies and Toddler